First ever portfolio with a cohesive line of inquiry; in other words, a set of works that had a similar style and approach to it. This was formulated after a lot of heartbreak, tears, anger and defiance.


Yes, defiance.


Wall mural with the staircases: After finishing my degree, I travelled back to Goa, India, where I chose to start my own practice as an artist and begin with a fresh perspective. Everything was uncertain and caused a lot of issues, nothing too big that I could not solve. The work above was an amalgamation of all my experiences and the way I loved to transform space. I worked on my studio and also painted the walls of a youth hostel located in Calangute, Goa.  

Working on this painting was one of my happiest memories as it travelled from my studio and was chosen to be installed in a fantastic restaurant in Panaji, Goa called Black Sheep Bistro. It truly was a gift to see the work up there and was a great fit for the space. Six months later, I got a call saying that the work had sold from the space! I was truly delighted and happy that I was able to make my first ever sale in India and that too through a channel I would not have expected!