Structured Past

Leaving my preconceived notions about Kolkata behind, I embarked on a remarkable journey to rediscover the streets I had once called home during one of my travels to the city in the year 2016. Strangely, when I arrived at Raja Basanta Roy Road and looked around me, the buildings that I had called home stood dilapidated and alone. My first instinct was to document their unique characteristics thus began to wake up at six in the morning just to catch a glimpse of their beauty against the soft light of dawn and understand a little of their structural stories in the quiet moments that I found. I took my camera wherever I walked and clicked away, and later decided to make it an official investigation for the purpose of my Art History Master's dissertation.


I chose to study the buildings in an attempt to understand how deep the history of the neighbourhood went and ended up studying a lot about the formation of Kolkata as a city. If the images were in the archives, often they would only remain photographs and nothing more. I had to reinvent them as art and thus decided to start this series as an exploration into art, architecture and history as a combined narrative.  

Unfortunately, a lot of these buildings are mired in legal litigations making it near impossible to gain any information at this time. One can only hope that some of these survive to tell the tales that they hold so dearly.