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Diversely inspired and informed by the transitions of her own life, Moksha takes from the fabric of her memories, knowledge, and experiences to create a distinct portfolio. Initially focusing on the effects of brutalism and cubism on Indian Modern art, she created work that reflected an equal need to quantify her environment into shapes. The approach organized her inner inspirations in a unique way, featuring motifs of origami cranes and even staircases. She eventually moved on to creating an extensive portfolio of digital art, where she worked from the images that she took while documenting her art history dissertation. Images of the houses of Kolkata were taken and digitally altered to uniquely preserve their heritage, as they were set to be demolished soon.

Her efforts resulted in a vibrant archive that reflected a chaotic but beautiful glitch in time. This project continues to be a focus as she has created over 50 works in the series and hopes to continue to document the houses.

In her next phase of her creative journey, she entirely altered the primary focus of structure and architecture towards reconstruction of Hindu myth in a contemporary and conceptual manner. Her exploration of the many stories of Hindu Gods is set to reflect in a larger and more impactful way over the next few years.

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